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Marking Wreckage to Facilitate Vehicle Search

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  • June 23, 2014 - Channel 5-CBS Arizona runs our story! (click here)

    Allyson Blair of Channel 5 CBS news in Arizona ran a wonderful piece about Project Blue that pays tribute to Project Blue and the wonderful job Robert Cooper and his SSAR team are doing to help keep Project Blue in action. I literally was brought to tears as the story unfolded on my computer screen. Allyson has been involved in reporting our cause from early on and her efforts, along with those of CBS News, are so appreciated that words cannot express our gratitude. The word is out, and now is the time to spread the word to other search and rescue organizations across the state, and country as well, to join in our cause.

    At a minimum we strive to maximize the efforts of search and rescue teams so they can utilize their resources most effectively and help more people because of that. At its best, we know lives will be saved due to our efforts. I applaud all of you who have joined us in the past two years. My brother would be proud to have his memory honored this way, and it makes me proud to have been able to meet and be associated with such warm and caring people that Jeff's tragedy has brought us together for.


    The first vehicle markings for Project Blue have been made. March 9, 2014 marked a beautiful day as several members of the Superstition Search and Rescue (SSAR) group, along with the founders of Project Blue, Inc. (Sherwin and Dan Block) drove to a treacherous stretch of road outside of Apache Junction, AZ to mark vehicles that had met a tragic end off of an unprotected stretch of highway. ABC News 15 was on site to record our historic event and help pull support for the wonderful crew of Robert Cooper's SSAR team and the planned continuation of Project Blue's goals. Eagle One, a newly acquired video drone that is proving instrumental to enhancing the search and response capabilities of the SSAR team was on hand under the steady hand of Commander Cooper to witness and video capture our event and our first vehicle markings.

    Four vehicles, including a motorcycle, were marked for future identification to help identify any other vehicles who misjudge the close proximity of the road's shoulder and the treacherous drop that lay ahead. Hopefully we can convince the ADOT that one or more lives can be saved by simply using history to determine where to place guard rails along this and other such stretches. Click on the pictures above to view our day. We hope to have video available soon as well.

  • February 12, 2014 - PLANNED KICKOFF TO PROJECT BLUE!

    Finally plans are in place to mark our first vehicles with SSAR. Planned date is March 8th and the location is still to be determined. I will share pictures and media links for everyone to view the following week of March 10th. Once we start we hope everyone will help us spread the word to enlist public and even political support to encourage local authorities to join in the cause to mark new vehicle wreckage as it happens. After all, marking old wreckage will be great, but we need to make every effort to mark new wreckage as it occurs. I know I can count on our FaceBook followers and all PB fans to help us maximize our efforts to achieve our goals. More to follow...

  • November 15th, 2013 - Jeff's memorial was given to an undisclosed 3rd party who I am told placed it as a memory for Jeff and Blue in the mountains of Arizona near one of Jeff's favorite fly fishing spots. The location is remote, but pays tribute to Jeff and Blue, and the beautiful job that Brandi and Paul did creating this tribute.

    We are still trying to gain permission to mark vehicles on WMAT property around where Jeff's vehicle left the road, but have not had any replies to date. As soon as we do, or start Project Blue vehicle marking elsewhere, I will let everyone know. Hope everyone's holidays are safe and wonderful, and that Project Blue has not been forgotten.

  • November 1st, 2013 - Through the generosity and extreme talent of Paul, and the creative genius of Brandi, we have our final memorial. We will be dedicating it in the near future, but for now it looks stunning with the ocean background, don't you think? Thank you Paul and Brandi for creating a fitting memorial to Jeff and Blue that will forever honor their memory. The memorial placement will also mark the start of Project Blue with the marking of our first vehicles. I will update everyone prior to Thanksgiving.

  • September 26th, 2013 - Hello Project Blue faithful. New plans have been made for setting Jeff's memorial and marking our first vehicles. Attempting to get permission for both and looking at early November for officially starting vehicle locating and marking for Project Blue.

  • August 18th, 2013 - I'm sorry to report that once again Project Blue has taken a back seat to even more tragedy in my life. Jeff and Blue's scattering was a very emotional, yet peaceful journey that my Father and I had returned home from on 7-31-13. During this visit my Mom had been admitted to the hospital for heart related problems. After I returned from Colorado I flew to San Diego to be with her, where my Sister had already gone down to be with her. Exactly 7 days after my return to California my Mom passed away from a variety of complications as a result of the initial heart issues. She went peacefully and I was grateful to be able to be with her in her last days. The last 12 months has been a test of patience and endurance for sure, but time to put the pencils down. Test is over.

    Regarding Project Blue, I have not seen the final memorial piece yet, but my plans to launch Project Blue the first week of October will once again need to be delayed as I take care of the tasks that lay ahead. For those who knew my Mother, or met her for the first time at my Brother's memorial last October, I know this comes as a shock. It was quick, but rest assured her last few days were peaceful and without pain. The staff at Scripps hospital in La Jolla were all incredible in their efforts to do their best to save her, and at the same time respecting her wishes to be comfortable in her final days. I will post at a future date when I am able to get us back on track with Project Blue. 2013 is still in my gameplan so hang in there with me all ye faithful. And please, light a candle, say a prayer, give a smile to my Mom up above. Parents are the reason we are all here where we are. Knowing each other, honoring good people passed, making good emerge from tragedy. My parents are always in my heart, through life and beyond, and I owe everything I have; all I have done; and all that those I have touched will do, to them. In this circle of life, we all live forever in the hearts, minds and actions of those we touch.

  • July 30th, 2013 - Happy Birthday Jeff.. After a year and 5 days since his death, my father and I are in the mountains of Colorado where we released Jeff and Blue's ashes on the Frying Pan RIver as he always wanted. It was a very poignant moment but one of calm relief for closure to Jeff's death, and the beginning of celebrating his memory. Rest in peace Jeff & Blue, we will forever remember you.

    The finishing touches of the memorial are being made and I will post a photo as soon as I have one. We plan to place the memorial at a yet to be determined location between now and early October. I will keep everyone posted.

  • July 12th, 2013 - After a few unavoidable delays, the Jeff and Blue memorial is being constructed and expected to be completed soon. See rendition to the right.

  • June 14th, 2013 - Project Blue Website is launched (about time Danny!)

  • June 12th, 2013 - On July 30th, 2013, Jeff Block and Blue will be placed at their final resting place in the mountains of Colorado. Jeff's dad (Sherwin) and brother (Danny) will honor them with a fly fishing adventure just outside of Meredith Colorado where the Block boys took their annual fishing trip on Jeff's birthday. July 30th would have been Jeff's 59th birthday and marks the day we will scatter their ashes along the Frying Pan river, just as Jeff requested every time we went there.

  • May 21st, 2013 - Project Blue trademark was approved for publication as a registered trademark.
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