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Project Blue, Inc.

Marking Wreckage to Facilitate Vehicle Search

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How You Can Help
Feel free to send in new ideas for completing our goals. We made it to here because of all of you; help us take it to the next level.

WEB SUPPORT - This feeble website was developed by Danny who has only little experience in HTML and website development. I would love to take our web to the next level at some point (no rush) with a much more robust website including a blog site, photo gallery, Facebook updates, e-commerce, etc. So we are looking for volunteers who feel they can help us do that. At our memorial gathering someone, and I apologize for forgetting who, volunteered to host and develop a professional website for us. Are you still with us?

DONATIONS - We appreciate all of the support we received during the search for Jeff and Blue, and everyone's contributions helped us fund volunteer groups, search efforts, and the efforts to establish Project Blue, Inc. As Project Blue expands in coming months we will be hoping to garner support from organizations across the country to get our presence into their backyards. Know about, or want to organize groups to help with our cause? Our "Contact Us" page will tell you how to reach us.

T-Shirts - Help honor the memory of Jeff & Blue with a memorial Project Blue tee shirt. We have a handful of sizes in white leftover from the event, and by special request we have stocked more of the black tees with Jeff & Blue's picture on the back. I will post details later on this site for how you can order your tee shirts to support our cause and honor my Brother Jeff.
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