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Project Blue, Inc.

Marking Wreckage to Facilitate Vehicle Search

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How You Can Help
There are many ways you can help, so let me list a few. If you are able to assist in any of these tasks, please write and let us know ( Thank you for visiting our site and helping us make Project Blue a global success.

ARIZONA - Our efforts start in Arizona, in the counties of Pinal, Gila, Apache and Navajo. We need to secure permission from the respective landowners to mark vehicle wreckage on their property. Much of the area we are starting in belongs to the White Mountain Apache Tribe and we are looking for contacts with that wonderful group to gain their permission for access to the wreckage just off the State highways and mark them. We will then report their GPS positions and if desired, and with WMAT permission, solicit companies to remove the wreckage.

FACEBOOK - Spread the word on Facebook. We are looking to organize Project Blue awareness across the country. We need involvement from volunteers, news agencies, political concerns, governement agencies, search and rescue groups, etc. Our Facebook followers did an incredible job bringing Jeff and Blue's search to the public eye. Imagine what you are capable of on a nationwide, and even global scale!

SUPPLIES - Supplies are simple; portable backpack sprayers, GPS equipment, volunteers to mark and report wreckage location. Project Blue efforts begin in Apache Junction, AZ and work up Highway 60 to Show Low. Local hardware stores may be willing to donate supplies to our cause. Efforts will continue across the State of Arizona expanding nationwide as demand dictates.
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