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Project Blue, Inc.

Marking Wreckage to Facilitate Vehicle Search

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Our Goals

Our first order of business for Project Blue is to get the State to install a guy guard, or better still a cable barrier, at the site known as “Sunset Point” where Jeff’s vehicle went off Hwy 60 to land tragically over 400 feet below. How many more people must meet the same fate due to this unguarded area on such a treacherous stretch of road before the State gets a clue that a few thousand dollars could save lives. At the same time we pursue this barrier (that we hope to dedicate in Jeff’s loving memory), we will also be pursuing the true purpose of Project Blue.

As of now, the Arizona DOT has not agreed to install a barrier at this site. They are evaluating the payback on funding such a project, and the fact that several people have lost their lives at that site does not seem to be good enough reason. I offered to fund the barrier and they said they could not accept public funds for this. I hope we can find a way to convince the Department of Transportation of the importance of this simple solution to save lives on Arizona's highways.
The Plan (cont)