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Project Blue, Inc.

Marking Wreckage to Facilitate Vehicle Search

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Our Goals

Project Blue will start in the 4 county areas that Jeff’s vehicle traveled and will help finance various groups to identify and mark all existing vehicle wreckage along roadside accident sites. Volunteer groups and county employees, and even paid contractors will be enlisted to discover, hike to, then mark GPS coordinates of wreckage and while on site, mark the wreckage with a big blue “X”. Blue, yes in honor of Blue, Jeff’s truest best friend and companion; but blue because it is a color never seen in the desert and easily spotted from the air. Just think how easy it will be to aerial search the roadways on either side looking for wreckage and knowing that a marked vehicle can be bypassed without closer examination. Imagine how easily the Civil Air Patrol and other well equipped aerial search groups can analyze aerial photos to quickly spot new wreckage and send ground crews or chopper crews to investigate closer. Think of the time that will be saved when every hour can be so critical to saving lives; or in our case; to bringing the nightmare of the unknown to come to an end as soon as possible.
Executing the Plan