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Project Blue, Inc.

Marking Wreckage to Facilitate Vehicle Search

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Our Goals

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging local groups to help us locate, mark and record existing vehicle wreckage. Our mission goals are to help expedite future searches; eliminate wasted time reviewing old wreckage; and encourage the proper authorities to construct road barriers (guard rails, cable guards, etc.). We plan to educate local groups in the importance of marking vehicle wreckage for these purposes and identifying dangerous public roadways in a way that could save lives by installing better signage, road guards, etc. We do not plan, at this time, to employ personnel for the actual marking of vehicles. We are currently connected with the Superstition Search and Rescue team in Apache Junction, Arizona who are assisting our cause by marking and identifying vehicles they encounter during their daily search and rescue efforts. Our purpose is to have all local authorities (such as Dept. of Transportation, Highway Patrol, local county sheriffs, Indian reservation rangers, and the like) support our mission by marking vehicles during their investigation of ongoing accidents and reporting their locations to our database for use by all such agencies.

Project Blue’s purpose is to maintain a master database of these markings, monitor and track vehicle marking activities, engage the land owners for safe extraction and recycling of the wreckage, contact the proper authorities for making the roadside a safer place to travel, and help reduce the time Search and Rescue operations spend examining old wreckage when search for missing travelers. This will also reduce the time authorities spend when the public reports sightings of wreckage to help determine if it is new or can be dismissed as already identified with a blue “X”.
Our Mission