Jeff and his dog Blue took a mountain drive to beat the summer heat on a blistering July 25th day in 2012. Jeff wanted to run his beloved dog one last time before departing the next day on his annual Colorado fly fishing trip with his dad and brother. His Dad Sherwin knew something was wrong when Jeff was over 2 hours late to a scheduled dinner with him as they were planning on driving out together early the next morning. Later that evening Sherwin called the Pinal County Sheriff to report his missing son. The next day, he and his son Danny started a 14-day search to find out what happened to Jeff and Blue. Arizona's Superstition Search and Rescue joined the search efforts and what transpired then is inspirational, heart warming and a memorable tribute to the kind and wonderful person Jeff was to everyone he touched.

Nothing tells the story better than to re-live our story through the eyes of Jeff's brother Danny as he, his sister, mother and father, spent every waking moment searching for their missing family member. Click the link to the right to open up our original blog, scroll to the bottom and read how we searched, how we investigated, how we came together with incredible people; how we nurtured and experienced the warmth and compassion that exists in most every human being on our planet.
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The First 14 Days
Search for Jeff and Blue
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